​​​​​​Long before the Schmitt family settled in Melville, the area was used as an ancient burial ground for the Pinze Tribe of Native Americans.  After the European settlers moved in and disturbed the ground, the entire area became a place where the restless spirits of the Indian dead rose to torment the meddling settlers.  Sometime after the Civil War the land was cleansed by a trio of mediums and the souls were purged into the fields nearby and some to the woods off Sweet Hollow Road.  Various tales of horror and dread surround this winding incline through dense woods near the Schmitt farmstead; stories of hanged schoolboys, white dressed ladies, headless police officers, and the ghosts of wandering children.

In 1911, a deranged doctor/scientist studying paranormal activity, bought the land where the farm now stands.  He had heard tales of strange and ghostly phenomena in the surrounding area and knew that the old farmstead was the perfect place to conduct his experiments.  Using his own intimate knowledge of the human body and his newfound property’s connection to trapped souls, the doctor conducted vile and horrendous experiments on both the living and dead.  Soon, people in the surrounding area began to disappear with alarming frequency.  One night, just as the authorities were coming to investigate the screams and smells that had been coming from the mansion, the doctor vanished and was never heard from again.
When the Schmitt’s bought the land 50 years later, they had no idea of the horrors that had once taken place on their property and that the mansion which still stood there was the site of such gruesome tortures.  Since then, car crashes, murders, and mutilated bodies have all occurred on the haunted roads near Schmitt’s farm.  The workers say they can hear the moaning of ghosts or the screaming of the doctor’s victims.  Others swear they can smell the scent of rotting flesh or the musty odor of dried blood.  Some have even seen the spectral shadows of ghostly visitors walking through the cornfields or witnessed the good doctor himself, nervously pacing the halls of the mansion before vanishing from sight.  Do you believe these tales? Come See for yourself?


The Haunted Mansion of Melville